We are working on new songs right now and will preniere some of them this weekend at a lovely little festival outside Stockholm.



We love hard rockers and Truckstop Alaska! If you ever go to Gothenburg – go to Truckstop Alaska, situated far out in the industrial area is the most loveable kitschy place on earth, filled with gourgeos looking hard rockers. Here are some pics from our gig last Saturday. Props by Hanna Rönnbäck (http://cargocollective.com/hannaronnback)

Thank you all who came to the release! We had a great time and are overwhelmed so many people showed up. Love!

Siri Karlsson – The Lost Colony – In stores Feb 25th. Hear us live in Stockholm:

Tuesday Feb 24th, 17h LIVE on duo @Pet Sounds, Skånegatan 53.

Thursday Feb 26th, 20h LIVE with band @Debaser/Brooklyn Bar, Hornstulls Strand 4.

Be there! /Love the Siris

Siri Karlsson The Lost Colony out Feb 25 2015

Siri Karlsson The Lost Colony out Feb 25 2015

Directed by David Giese, photo: Iga Mikler, art director: Hanna Rönnbäck, costume: Majli Af Ekenstam

Here’s a trailer of our new album. Made by the mighty David Giese and photographer Iga Mikler. Welcome to our Lost Colony world! Maria & Cecilia/Siri Karlsson


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