Videos from the album Shake Shake Love (2017)

Shake Shake Love 1

Directed by Knotan. Costume: Majli Af Ekenstam. Costume props: Hanna Rönnbäck. Styling: Hanna & Majli

Trailer for Shake Shake Love. Release 27 January 2017.

Videos from the album The Lost Colony

Långt Där Ute

Directed by David Giese: A semi-surreal story about the power of music, nature and imagination, set in an old rampant castle garden in Småland, Sweden. (2015).

House of Cat

Concept and production: Eva Arnqvist (2015)

Trailer for The Lost Colony (released 25th of Feb 2015):

När Mörkret Faller

Concept and production: Röda Roboten (2014)

Videos from the album Gran Fuego

Siri Karlsson presents – Siri Karlsson

The Passenger – from the TV show Nyhetsmorgon 2011

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