Shake Shake Love 1 (2017)

Directed by Knotan.
Costume: Majli Af Ekenstam.
Costume props: Hanna Rönnbäck.
Styling: Hanna & Majli

Shake shake Love will be out this Friday, the 27th. Our LP will follow shortly.

Already, the album has received great reviews and beautiful wordings.

Hymn 8/1 writes “Det sägs att det sista som överger människan är hoppet och Siri Karlsson får mig att bli starkare.” … it is said the last thing that abandons us humans is hope and Siri Karlsson makes me stronger… Daniel Andersson

Di 4/5 “Det väser, sprakar, värmer från Siri Karlssons nya album”, skriver Gradvall

Gaffa 5/6 “Maria Arnqvist och Cecilia Österholms duoprojekt Siri Karlsson bara fortsätter att fascinera.” Magnus Sjöberg

Review in Di 4/5 Siri Karlsson Shake Shake Love, by Gradvall


It’s time to Shake Shake Love within and across people! Siri Karlsson talks about their upcoming album in the Swedish Radio (in Swedish) – P1, P2 and P3 – and play live. Album out January 27.

Gradvall musikpodd

P1 Nordegren & Epstien, interview Siri Karlsson

P2 Klingan

P3 Musikguiden

Semphronia is number 42 (of 99) best songs this year according to Aftonbladet.

“When music gives you the goosebumps and sweeps you away to another world. Wow. A Swedish treasure.” AF

We are happy to release our new single Semphronia from upcoming album Shake Shake Love! Out on digital platforms 15th of Nov



In collaboration with

Our first band shirt! Tees and tanks.

Original artwork by the one and only fabolous Hanna Rönnbäck! Thanks!

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This is an oversize unisex style, offered in a smaller or larger version but always roomy.

Screen printed with eco friendly inks.

black on marble grey
metallic on black
black on rust/black




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