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“You hear the troubled souls of Nick Cave and David Eugene Edwards rest through out the entire production.”
GAFFA, Magnus Sjöberg

When music gives you the shivers and sweeps you off to another world. Wow. A Swedish treasure.“

“These are people who makes another album
only when they’ve got something new to say,
and it really speaks to me. Magnificently.”
Andrew Cronshaw fRoots

Siri Karlsson is a duo consisting of Maria Arnqvist on saxophone, synthesizers and voice, and Cecilia Österholm on keyed fiddles, voice and synthesizer.

Siri Karlsson performs as a duo and with band, depending on venue.

Siri Karlsson with band:
Maria Arnqvist: sax, synthesizers, vocals
Cecilia Österholm: key fiddle, synthesizers, vocals
Jonna Löfgren: drums, backing vocals
Felisia Westberg: bass, backing vocals
Anton Sundell: sound engineer