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The piece 'Lay us highLy'Lay us high’ was specially written by Siri Karlsson for this drone festival.This concert was part of Lumen Transmission, a longform experience with sound and image // to disconnect // connect to // to participate // immerse in performances from NYC // STOCKHOLM // BEIRUT // PARIS // REYKJAVÍK // BOVALLSTRAND // MALMÖ with MARIAM THE BELIEVER // FANTA YAYO // SHIDA SHAHABI & LINNEA OLSSON // KINLAW // SARA PARKMAN & HAMPUS NORÉN // BORGAR MAGNASON // SIRI KARLSSON & JONNA LÖFGREN // YOUMNA SABA // MARIA W HORN // SUBCHAMBER ENSMBLE // LUMEN VOICES // JAD ATOUI // ANTHONY SAHYOUN // LAMINE CISSOKHO // CARA TOLMIE // AGHILI/KARLSSON:: CREDITS :: Direction and editing: Erik Sandberg / Studio KupolAdditional editing and assembly: Nathan LarsonProduced by Lumen Project in Sweden - Lina Enqvist, Maria Lyth, and Nathan LarsonDirection and editing: Erik Sandberg / Studio Kupol Set & light design: Tove Berglund Light technician: Luka Curk Sound recording and mixing: Anton Sundell Camera operation: Erik Sandberg, David Palmberg and Nathan Larson Thanks to: Eric Ericsonhallen, MDT Stockholm, Katarina Henryson, Eric Ericson International Choral Centre Lumen Voices consists of Lisa Holmgren, Vilma Ogenblad, Paula Wegman, Marco Carlson, Joel Henryson, Christian Rutemark, Bo Nilsson, Christian Holst, Katarina Henryson