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Lilla Baren Riche, Stockholm, Sweden.
On stage: Siri Karlsson.

The occasionally meditative, sometimes explosive flaming concert is probably the most avant-garde I have experienced live this year.

How does it sound? Hmm … I do not really find words to describe the loveliness, but here are both proggressive, jazz, rock, art music and the whole sky on top of that! All fused to a large controlled expression. The whole tumular experience feels frank and meaningful. In the sweaty crowd in front of the scene, it is wonderful to see, hear and feel how the whole audience – high on the music – enjoys and screams in a state of unrestrained euphoria.

You should not always give people what they want. You should give people what they need.

Quotes from Claes Olson, Simba (music industry blog).
Thursday 1 December 2016.