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Our collab with classical composer Mikael Karlsson www.unitedstage.se

By & with Mikael Karlsson & Siri Karlsson

Composer Mikael Karlsson and duo Siri Karlsson have together created Trespassing, a scenic concert inspired by a forest rave.

Artists’ statement

At the core of Trespassing is a desire to enter the forest on its own terms – to lose control to the ­elements and to allow myth to mix with our senses, allowing us to scream with joy and to fear for our lives.

In our music we have always reached for the extreme, the intimate and the grotesquely huge. We are dramatists at heart and our output has always been close to both traditional music and the avant-garde. The forest as a metaphor for limitless exploration, danger and fun speaks to us, and with Trespassing we seem to have reached the same places in our audiences. Performed by us and a band of absolutely stellar musicians it’s a visceral, tactile and inviting piece that asks that you stop in your tracks, look around, and see the millions of creatures lurking in the dark watching you, hear the enless skies above and dive inward, upward, racing the chilly winds that used to inspire you when you were younger, tell the stories that live in the work of John Bauer, David Lynch and Nostradamus, and step into them. Live them.

Scream and sing. Dance your craziest dance. Cross boundaries with us – musical and personal.

Do you trust us?

Siri Karlsson & Mikael Karlsson